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Classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, HipHop
Boys only classes
Adult classes

1921A Dover Road, Epsom NH

Pre-School Girls

Pink Leotard with pink tights; short ballet skirts are acceptable but not required.  

Hair in bun (if long) for ballet; ponytail or pulled back for jazz and tap.  

Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes.  Jazz shoes not required—can wear ballet shoes.  

Dress-up costumes welcome for Princess Camp but not for regular class.  Thank you!

Pre-School Boys
T-shirts and shorts
White or black ballet shoes
Any color socks

Mommy and Me  Comfortable clothing

School Age Girls

Ballet/Lyrical:  Leotard; pink tights; pink ballet shoes.  All long hair must be in bun or neatly pinned up for ballet class.  No black tights for ballet class.
Jazz:  Leotard; pink or black tights with jazz pants or shorts; hair pulled back; jazz or ballet shoes
Tap:  Leotard with tights or jazz pants/shorts; OR plain T-shirt and jazz pants or shorts; hair pulled back; tap shoes
Hip-Hop:  Any color tops or bottoms that are plain (no writing) are acceptable; long hair secured

Girls Leotard Colors

Black Leotard
Beginner and
Advanced Beginner

Burgundy Leotard
New, Intermediate, and Advanced Intermediate

Any Color Leotard
Pre-Teen, Teen
Pre-Advanced and Advanced

School Age Boys

Plain T-shirt of white, black, blue, or Ballet North studio

Black or dark shorts or jazz pants.  

White or black ballet shoes.  White or black socks.

ADULTS/College Age
Comfortable clothing of your choice

Not Allowed
Bare midriffs and sports bras are not acceptable dance attire for any age group.  
T-shirts worn for Tap, Hip-Hop, or Boys classes should be plain. Warm-ups for ballet must be removed after barre.  Ballet skirts are only acceptable for pre-school ages or pointe class.  If you arrive at ballet class without your hair in a bun, you will be asked to go and put it up
(adults/college are not required to wear a bun)  

Studio Policies
Ballet North believes that every child is important and deserves the best dance instruction possible.  To help us accomplish that, we have a few studio policies which include proper dance etiquette:    

Students should please arrive on time for class so as not to disrupt the other students.

Please respect the teacher and the other students by not chatting in class.  If you are too chatty, you will be asked to step out of class for a few minutes.  

Please follow the dress code.  You will be asked to change or put your hair up at the start of class if you are not dressed properly.  

Tuition Payments:  Tuition is due on the 25th of each month.  Make-up classes for sick days should be arranged with the front desk.  Returned check fee is $25.  Late fee for payments after the 5th of the following month is $15.  

Ballet North Dress Code